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Natalie B – You Can’t Keep Me Down

September 5, 2014

Ladies and gentleman: Natalie B. I have no more to say. Seriously, just watch the video.

Megan Nash – Viking

June 15, 2014

I’ll be honest, I’ve wanted to work with our next guest for some time. When I sent out an invitation, Megan Nash immediately took me up on my offer and made a special trip to Edmonton to be on the show. This gave me the perfect opportunity to start a new segment on the show. Lots of very talented artists make Edmonton an essential part of their tour and eTown Guests will give those artists a place to shine. I am terribly happy that Megan was able to kick of this new segment. Enjoy!

Ryan Locke – Blue Sky

May 24, 2014

Our next featured artist is the one and only Ryan Locke. Check out more from Ryan at

Mohsin Uz Zaman – Waking Up

May 16, 2014

At long last, with the help of studio, I have finally been able to reboot the show. Our first artist of Season 2 is the incredible Mohsin Uz Zaman with his song Waking up.

Still Flow

October 16, 2013

Due to technical limitations (the lack of proper cameras specifically) the show has been on somewhat of a hiatus until I can afford to address this situation. However I have been keeping fairly busy in the meantime. For example I did the Hot Air livestream over the summer and it is at this event that I met the wonderful Micaela Weston Smith. She is an awesome local songstress with an amazing voice and if my show were still running she would most definitely be on it. I did however film a few songs with her for her YouTube channel. My only relatively working camera couldn’t record at its full 1080 resolution but I could get a solid 720 out of it. And so we have this:

If you like it make sure to check out Micaelas project “Still Flow” on Facebook and subscribe to that YouTube channel for more.