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Lascaux Proxy – Diameter

June 10, 2013

Last years eTown Underground performing artist Sara Isabel has a new Industrial Project with a captivating new video. The video for the song “Diameter”, directed by Andrew B. White, is featured on Lascaux Proxys debut release Le Cabaret.

Hot Air Open Mic

June 6, 2013


eTown Underground has partnered with Hot Air Open Mic with JoeyD, Guerrilla Radio and the Fake Label. Hot Air is an open mic concept at the Tavern on Whyte and takes place every Thursday night from 9pm until 2am. Out first few events have been wildly successful and if you’d like to check it out but can’t make it in person then you can check out the live stream that we will be doing from our brand new Livestream account or the audio stream on Guerrilla Radio.